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SURGE: The Best Choice for Smokers

Millions of people around the world are choosing vaping as an alternative to smoking. This is very encouraging, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. We wanted to create the perfect vaping device for smokers and with SURGE, this mission has been accomplished.


What is SURGE?

SURGE is an ultrasonic vaping device. This means no coils, no burnt flavours and better nicotine satisfaction. In a traditional vaping device, electrical current passes through a coil, which heats up and vaporizes e-liquid. With SURGE, ultrasonic waves flow through the pod, vibrating the e-liquid and transforming it into vapour.

SURGE was inspired by the medical industry, which uses ultrasonic technology in a wide variety of applications. Now, we have refined this technology for use in vaping, creating an experience that changes vaping forever.

SURGEThe advantages of ultrasonic vaping technology are numerous. Vapour produced with SURGE ultrasonic technology consists of smaller particles, delivering nicotine more efficiently than traditional vaping devices. Ultrasonic technology operates at a lower temperature, which helps maintain the chemical stability of vapour, reducing the emission of any potential toxins. Finally, the no-coil design of SURGE eliminates dry hits and burnt flavours from your first puff, to your last.


Designed for smokers

Traditional vaping devices have something of a learning curve, and this can be overwhelming for transitioning smokers. That’s why SURGE was designed to be simple, convenient, and reliable. SURGE features a streamlined two-piece design, with a user-friendly battery life indicator and fast USB-C charging. Connect the pod to the magnetised battery and you’re ready to vape.

Transitioning smokers desire a familiar experience, and we’ve worked tirelessly to deliver that. SURGE has been designed with extensive airflow modelling and an automatic switch that activates when you inhale. Every puff has been engineered to feel just like a cigarette, from draw resistance to throat sensation. Enhanced nicotine delivery results in satisfaction that is unparalleled within the vaping industry.


Redefining harm reduction

Health risks are one of the primary reasons that smokers choose to quit. Public Health England asserts that vaping is approximately 95% less harmful than smoking. We want to reduce harm even further.

Ultrasonic technology allows SURGE to operate at lower temperatures than traditional devices. In addition to this, the no-coil design means there isn’t a coil interacting with e-liquid during the heating process. This allows SURGE to maintain the chemical stability of e-liquid and reduce the emission of potential toxins to levels even lower than traditional vaping devices. SURGE produces the purest vapour of any device on the market.


Intense flavour every time

Ultrasonic technology allows SURGE to produce smaller vapour particles at lower temperatures. This results in vivid flavour, that doesn’t deteriorate during use. SURGE is launching with six exciting flavours that are sure to suit the tastes of any transitioning smoker, whether that’s the familiarity of Smooth Tobacco, or the bold fruity notes of Blueberry Ice.


Your vape, your style

SURGE is launching with six colourways. Whether you’d prefer an understated stealth black, or an exuberant pink, we’ve got you covered. Look out for limited edition colourways and premium cases to personalise your SURGE in the future.