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Our mission is to enhance
your vaping experience

Consumers are demanding next-generation nicotine products that reduce health risks, without compromising on ease of use or performance.

SURGE was created by a group of vaping enthusiasts with a shared vision to enhance the vaping experience. The vaping industry was born out of innovation and SURGE is ready to take the next step, with a device that changes how we view vaping forever.
Our mission was to create new vaping technology, which advances tobacco harm reduction and maximises satisfaction. After years of research and development, this is now a reality. Introducing SURGE, the ultrasonic vape.

Redefining and

SURGE is the ultrasonic vape, the only vaping device which provides instant satisfaction while preventing dry hits and burnt flavours from your first puff to your last.

We eliminated the need for a coil by using ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic technology vibrates and vaporizes the e-liquid in your coil-free pod at extremely high speeds.
By removing the coil, this technology maximizes harm reduction potential, operating at a lower temperature and maintaining the chemical stability of e-liquid. Ultrasonic vapour is emitted in smaller particles, which improves nicotine delivery and reduces potential toxins.